Dad Punishes Stepdaughter With Anal Sex For Losing Her Virginity

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Description: Rachel, an 18-year-old virgin, is seated at the dining room table opposite her step-father when SCENE begins. They are enjoying their meal in a peaceful manner, with only occasional friendly gestures. Proper clothing is worn by both the father and daughter while eating. It appears to be a very conservative family. Upon finishing, dad wipes his mouth with the napkin and suggests putting away the plates. Rachel has a good night and he'll be back to cuddle her. CUT to Rachel in her bedroom. Taking off her clothes and placing a mirror under her pillow, she becomes anxious. She examines her vagina in the mirror, exposing her lips to see through her own skin, before coming across her father, who quickly hides his reflection and dons their nightgown. The moment her father enters the room, he smiles at him. "You're about to have a night's rest?" He inquires. She nods and smiles. As Rachel, an adult woman, lifts her nightgown and removes the covers, her father asks if she still believes that it's important to do this every night. She says: 'You are my step-father and you have to protect me. The dad, with her legs out, nods and advises her to keep moving forward. 'And... My safety guarantees my unspoiled status. He examines her vagina and inquires about the necessary steps to preserve her. Her lips open and she gazes back at him. You should verify my femininity. Mom would desire that. My virginity is under review by my father. Rachel squirms silently as the father smiles and flicks his fingers inside her. She appears jittery and scrutinizes her father's face to determine his response. He pulls out his fingers after a few uncomfortable moments. He has her turn around, kiss her ass, and show him her buttocks. He examines it and, with a smile on his face, declares that everything is good and kisses her forehead. After saying "Goodnight sweetheart," he leaves, the camera still on her blank face as a pair turn out the light. Rachel is accompanied by an older boy named Ethan as she walks home from school the next day. The couple has been in a secret relationship for several months and are expected to meet up at his house today. He ruminates and asks why he didn't happen to see her in the usual place. But Rachel is very hesitant. Although she is fond of Ethan, he desires to sleep with her. She's affirmed her willingness to do it as well. The day is approaching, and she is feeling panicked. But instead of wanting to disappoint her boyfriend, she gets behind the wheel. Squeezed into Ethan's dwelling. He and Rachel are kissing on the sofa. After a few minutes of kissing, Ethan proceeds to take Rachel's clothes and asks him to stop. It seems to her that she is not capable of doing it. With a courteous pause, Ethan asks if they can have mingling. Rachel starts making all sorts of excuses about her familial ties, desire to delay marriage, and the possibility of contracting diseases. Ethan ensures that sex is natural, normal, and his family attends church regularly. There has been a shift in attitudes in the 21st century. Furthermore, he pledges to take it slow and exit. Rachel remains uncertain... Will her appearance be altered in the future? Can individuals perceive? Could you detect any occurrences in her private areas by looking inward? Despite her concerns, she remains silent and dismisses Ethan's girlfriend as being overly confident. With laughter, he tells her that nobody is going to know they had sex. Finally, she consents, which leads to the first BG sex scene, where Ethan abandons Rachel's virginity. Rachel was initially uncomfortable with the new sensations, but eventually became a fan and encouraged Ethan to stay put. He never fails to say he'll still cum. He then begins to gurney inside of her and the cum in her vagina drips out. She looks off in the distance while Ethan holds her and promises to love her. It was wonderful, but now she has to go home. That evening, Rachel was seated at the dining table across from her step-father. They are having dinner, but Rachel seems extremely nervous. She clams up when her step-dad asks her something and he knows. The situation is extremely awkward. She finally says, "Let's go for a while." After he nods, she rises and quickly exits the room without ever kissing him. CUT: Rachel is clung to the covers in bed when her step-father comes in. He asks her if she is ready to be examined. She remains silent. He repeats, 'Rachel. I inquired about something. Are you willing to undergo your nightly check? Her nightgown is pulled up as she releases the covers and sighs. As he opens her legs, she asks how a virgin she is. He smiles at her innocence and acknowledges that he is her step-father, the man she was raised with, who supported her during all their family's struggles. Father is the most knowledgeable. She nods in agreement before closing her gaze. 'Is it time for you to be examined?' He inquires. She says yes, spreading her lips. He presses one finger on her, then he presseses two and then three. A prolonged awkward break ensues, as she waits for him to respond. His expression slowly shifts from confusion to disappointment and anger. "What are your actions?" He starts to scream and slides his fist inside her to confirm his findings. What has Rachel accomplished in the name of God? He removes his hand and stands up in disgust. rushing, screaming at her step-father for calm. He is furious, scolding her for betraying their family and spoiling herself. The man who stole his daughter's virginity is the one he demands to know. Desperately, she turns around and shows him her dick. Yet 'But. There is none of me here! I'm still a virgin, dear daddy. He was unable to get my special hole! That's not something I would disclose!' The father looks away in disgust, telling her he can't bear to look at her anymore. She persists in begging for absolution, asking him to forgive him. "I'm not any more like your actual daughter!" Just look at me please. But I'm not going to give away everything. My. Was... It's for you! The step-father is stopped. He squirmed as he looked at her. What did you inquire about? She squirms and declares, "I promised to keep my virginity from me!" I have always yearned for that.' He gazes at her for a long time before taking off his pants. You have, right? I plan to take it tonight. After all, is it worth waiting? I should take what is mine before anyone else. With a nervous smile, she gives thanks and is making an effort to make him love her again. Asking him to take what is his own and forgive her for her mistakes. This leads to the second BG sex scene, where Rachel grants her step-father anal sperm. Her goal is to become the top obedient stepmother throughout the entire ordeal. When he's done, dad stumbles over and begins to put on his clothes again. Rachel is lying still, attempting to make sense of his response. He gazes at her, squirting deeply, and then wipes his brow before leaning over to give her a forehead kiss.
Models: Ashley Adams